Workout Routine

Do you go to the gym and go straight to weights? 

Many people do not know the proper order of exercise
It is very important to follow the right steps in order to prevent your muscles from having problems.
Take a look at the following steps for a systematic workout for the best efficiency.

1. Pre-workout
5-10 minutes of fast walking or light cycling
This step is to raise your heart beat and warm your muscle up for an exercise.

2. Stretching
5 minutes of whole body stretching
Lightly stretch your entire body

3. Weights
10-20 minutes. 3 sets for each areas.
Weights, dumbell, abs, squats, push-up etc

4. Cardio
More than 20 minutes of fast paced walking, stepping, cycling, or jump roping

5. End stretching / massage
5 minutes
Make sure you stretch the areas you worked out today well to prevent any contraction.

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