Why is Korean Beauty So Hot?

Why is Korean Beauty So Hot?

Why is Korean Beauty So Hot?

It is not an overstatement that the Korean beauty craze is sweeping the world. At this point, the natural question is: why is Korean beauty the hot thing? What draws people to it? Let’s come up with some possible answers to these questions. 

First, it is probably due to K-pop and K-drama.   

The so-called “Korean Wave” (Hallyu in Korean) refers to the phenomenon in which the popularity of Korean music, dramas and movies spread around the globe. K-pop and K-drama stars go all out to appear perfect, head to toe, on the television screen. They have perfect hair, skin and the right outfit to highlight attractive features of their face and body. For this reason, many fans worldwide look up to them regarding beauty aspects. 


Second, Korea is the capital of beauty products. 

In general, Koreans are greatly interested in their outward appearance. This may be the reason why the beauty industry is huge in Korea. According to BBC news, “South Korean women spend twice as much of their income on beauty products and make-up than their American counterparts” (Arthur, 2016). Because of this high demand, much investment is made into the beauty market, resulting in a great number of beauty stores. Subsequently, this attracts more foreigners to Korea.  
This in turn leads to…  

Third, Koreans are at the forefront of the beauty race.

As aforementioned, with much interest in beauty, Koreans take extra care of their skin, hair, body shape and more. Koreans are especially known for their flawless skin, which makes them appear much younger. As anti-aging is a big element in beauty, this naturally draws more attention to K-beauty worldwide.
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