Why Choose VIP? – 4

Why Choose VIP? – 4


VIP provides modern facilities for the patients with comfort and safety

Even professional Interior Magazine “BOB” visited VIP!



This is how they wrote about VIP in the magazine.


“Attracting the public gaze with a harmony of black and orange of exterior, the VIP Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Clinic gives a bright and neat impression when you open the door leading up to a half floor. The cool and bright structure from first to third floors is harmonized with small decorations. 

Shown from the exterior and entrance of the building, the black image gives you the feeling that you saw a black river run to the ceiling. 

This structure adds more visual effects with lighting. 
It shares one ceiling from the mid floor between the first and second floors to the third floor and this helps you enjoy the fun and interest in the space when you look up or down. 

Composed of one medical center, the sixth-story building provides cozy waiting areas for the convenience of visitors. 

On the sixth floor on which the director of the clinic resides is an outdoor terrace and a small outdoor park is located up on the back yard of the underground parking lot. 

We hope that the young, sleek design of the space will increase expectations of the visitors in addition to the thoughts of the plastic surgery clinic which intends to implant confidence in their appearance. “

First floor : information desk

Second floor


Third floor : Aesthetic clinic and dressing room

Fourth floor : Recovery room


Fifth floor : Operation room

Sixth floor : Consulation


Seventh floor : Oxyzen treatment

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