Why Choose VIP Plastic Surgery Center?

Why Choose VIP Plastic Surgery Center?

Why Choose VIP Plastic Surgery Center?



Many people might find interested in plastic surgeries, but they tend to get lost how to prepare or research the appropriate surgeons for them. Unlike domestic patients, there are several features to consider and prepare before the plastic surgery trip such as VISA, accommodation, transportation, and language translator.

At VIP, our clinic aims a premium one-stop plastic surgery journey. We are one of the few clinics in Korea with staff who speak fluent English, Chinese, and Japanese. We step into the journey with our patients to guide them through the whole process. Here are the premium services we provide.



1. Online consultation

Before you start to plan your trip, it is important to know what you want. Start your conversation “I am planning to visit Korea in three months and I would like to ask about revision rhinoplasty…” After you send your photos, our consultant will receive VIP doctor’s comment and explain further to you. It is important to be on the same page with our doctors and know what to expect for your surgeries. If you find challenging to send emails, then here is your answer. Just add our number +82-10-5059-6626 and let us know your questions. We can quickly have a conversation and help you out further.



Once you decide to move forward with VIP PS, find out if your country requires VISA to visit South Korea. If you need VISA application letter, our team can immediately send you the invitation letter. Usually, it takes about 2+ weeks to receive the VISA, so please prepare beforehand.


3. Airport pick-up service

From the moment you step at Incheon International Airport, our driver greet you right at the gate. He will hold a picket with your name on it so you can easily find him. He will give you a smooth ride to our clinic or to your accommodation depending on the schedule. Enjoy the view in Seoul during your ride. 🙂


4. In-person consultation

When you finally arrived at VIP Plastic Surgery Center, we already arranged the appointment with our VIP doctors. The in-person consultation is provided as free of charge regardless of time because this is the most important time for you. Talk to our doctors and discuss what your concerns and interests are. Then, he will then explain what is possible and what is not. Although VIP doctors speak English, our consultants will stay with you if there is any explanation needed. Then, you, doctors, and the consultant all will be on the same page. 🙂


5. Body examinations

Body examinations are critical to know if you are a good candidate for the surgery. The body examinations including the blood test, urine test, EKG, blood pressure test, and chest X-ray are fully supported for you.


6. Operation

Anesthesia, IV painkiller, IV antibiotic, in-patient medication

Anesthesia (local, IV sedation, general) will be included as a surgical cost. After the surgery, our medical team will provide you an automatic IV painkiller system and IV antibiotic to keep your condition maximum.


7. Inpatient hospitalization (meals included)

We also provide you an in-patient hospitalization for one to two days depending on the condition. Moreover, the meals to energize you are also offered during your hospitalization.


8. 24/7 Nursing service

During your hospitalization, our nurse will stay with you 24/7 responsive to make sure you are safe and under control. Indeed your family and friends can rest a bit.


9. Accommodation

For your faster recovery, VIP clinic manages accommodation which is 10-minute walking distance. Because our accommodation is limited in availability, we provide for the patients who reserve the surgeries in advanced. Therefore, if you would like to know you are a candidate for receiving the accommodation service, please email us at vipps@vipps.kr .


10. Post-operative doctor dressing

One of our missions for patient care is post-operation. It is incredibly critical to take care of patient condition after the surgeries to maximize the safety and the result. At VIP clinic, doctors check our patients every day for dressing treatment (sterilizing) and follow-up care until they are recovered. This service allows our patients to prevent any potential side effects or infection after the surgeries.


11. Post-operative skin care treatment

After the post-operative doctor dressing, our aesthetician will soothe your skin with full of nutritious skin treatments. The purpose of this skincare treatment is not only to achieve a spotless skin but also to reduce the swelling and bruising from surgeries. That is why most patients who receive the surgeries return to their home countries without major swelling and bruising. 🙂


12. Shampoo service

Are you having a hard time for hair shampoo? Don’t struggle yourself! We will help you wash your hair after your skincare treatment.


13. Airport drop-off service

Now, you are all ready to head back home. Take a relaxing ride by our driver to Incheon International Airport. 🙂


14. Follow-up

Keep in contact with our VIP staff for your follow-up and update us about your condition. We would love to see you again when you visit Korea next time!





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