What is Ptosis (Upper Eyelid) Correction?

Ptosis is defined as droopy upper eyelid, covering much of the pupil. A person with ptosis symptom may always look tired, angry or sleepy. For serious cases, this symptom my reduce the vision and cause deep wrinkles to set on forehead in a young age as well. Although correcting the ptosis problem is optional surgical procedure, it can make ease of a sight and boost confidence as well. Ptosis correction can provide more vibrant and youthful image as the double eyelid crease is adjusted and created during the surgery.

Normal eye shape                      Severe ptosis symptom

Cause of Ptosis 

Ptosis can be caused due weak development of the upper eyelid levator muscles from youth, an accident, or simply by aging. This symptom can be found in many Asian patients, but found in Caucasian patients as well. There are cases where ptosis symptom patient wishes to have double eyelid surgery because they often have small and slanted looking eye shape. 

By the level of the ptosis, the surgical method changes as well. When the patient decides to have double eyelid surgery, the surgeon should first examine if the patient has ptosis problem or not. When ptosis is not corrected, the double eyelid crease may come undone or give unsatisfying result as the eyes may still look tired or sleepy.

Before and After photos of Ptosis Correction

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