What is mid-face augmentation?

There are many patients who have depressed mid-face structure, making the mouth look more protruded.
In most cases, Asian patients have mid-face depression which results deep nasolabial folds (laugh lines) and also giving awkward result after rhinoplasty. 
When the nose is augmented and the sides of alar base areas are sunken, it can give an unnatural look.
Mid-face augmentation use small implants to insert on the sides of each alar base to bring out the depressed mid-face, accentuating your nose and also the facial balance. This procedure is more known as ‘noble surgery’ to Korean patients and they have this surgery alone using silicone implants. 
As it gives more effective result of your whole image, Dr. Lee recommends this procedure to mid-face depressed patients along with rhinoplasty.


Click here to see more before and after pictures of mid-face augmentation
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