What is Autologous Tissue Graft Rhinoplasty?

Autologous tissue graft rhinoplastyis a nose surgery using your own autologous tissues instead of foreign implant such as silicone, goretex, or medpore. The types of autologous tissues are chosen by the patient’s nose condition. 

1. Ear cartilage
Ear cartilage is relatively small, soft and its flexibility is suitable to use usually for the nasal tip as the size is about a thumbnail.

2. Nasal septum cartilage
Nasal septum cartilage is the most commonly used cartilage because it offers the advantage of being easily harvested during a procedure, as no separate incision needs to be made. 

3. Rib cartilage
Rib cartilage is an effective cartilage to correct deviation and project the nose
. It is used for nasal structure, bridge, and tip, as well as for correction of mid-face depression. The cartilage can be harvested by making very small incision and using endoscope for the harvest. Rib cartilage is recommended to patient undergoing primary or revision as it is the most sufficient autologous material.

4. Temporalis fascia
The temporalis fascia (harvested from the area above the ear within the hair) is used to support the lost tissues or thicken the thin skin. It is appropriate to place two to three layers (1~2mm) when fascia is needed for bridge only.

5. Dermis
Dermis is harvested from the buttocks, and this soft tissue is impossible to use for projection as it has high possibility of absorption. Dermis is used to thicken and protect the skin layer. 

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