What are the makeup trends for Fall 2016?

What are the makeup trends for Fall 2016?

What are the makeup trends for Fall 2016? 

The scorching summer heat has faded and finally moved into Fall, the season favored by many fashion aficionados. No fashion is complete without the appropriate makeup. VIP summarized some of the key makeup trends for Fall 2016 gathered from major fashion magazines, such as Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue

1. It’s all about the lines

If you rarely wear eyeliner, now is the time to get on with it. Fall 2016 is all about dramatic and distinct eyes, which can be accomplished through dark eyeliners. Feel free to accentuate your creativity with the eyeliner: straight or angular lines, soft smudge, smoky, etc. — totally your call. 

 2. Glitter, glitter, glitter

Do you miss playing with glitter during your childhood? Turn your nostalgia into reality! Apply glitter to your eyelids, around the eyes or below the eyebrows. 

3. Twiggy eyelashes

Twiggy eyelashes are back in trends. Emphasize the eyelashes by using mascara to make them more distinct and longer, resulting in doll-like eyelashes. 

 4. Gothic lips

It is common for people to switch over to darker lipstick in the fall. However, that’s not enough for this fall. Whatever the color tone is, choose one that is closer to black. 

5. Peach for fall

Peach for cold, breezy weather seems rather odd. However, that’s probably because you never gave it a try. Why not apply peach eyeshadow this fall? It is believed to go well with any skin tone and even provides a sophisticated look. 

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