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Visiting Korea



These cafes, unlike large franchise cafes and restaurants, carry their own unique personality. 
The youth who adore the culture and arts began to frequently stop by Garosu-gil. 
There is no such quiet and cozy place like here to enjoy in Gangnam. 
Garosu-gil became highly sought out for those looking for a little peace and quiet.

There are various restaurants of famous chefs and assorted spread of dessert cafes to be found in Garosu-gil. 
It’s also an area frequented by celebrities on dates. 
There is also various vintage clothing stores scattered around Garosu-gil, thereby making it a frequent destination for fashion lovers. 
It is also home to the special Simone Handbag Museum, which has been featured in New York Times that make sure to find some time to visit the Simone Handbag Museum, where the past, present and future of handbags are on display. 
These days, the cafes and restaurants on Garosu-gil, and its cross stress Serosu-gil, are creating a different culture. Comared to the cafes on Garosu-gil, the ones on Serosu-gil are a bit out of the way but even more unique and fun.

I would recommend ‘Pumpkin Terrier’ at Garosu-gil

The signature dessert is Banana Pudding 

Other delicious cakes!

All images from Pumpkin Terrier official facebook page

Garosu-gil is located near VIP International Cosmetic Surgery Center, which is 15 minutes away by walk. 
Visit VIP International Cosmetic Surgery Center and enjoy fancy restaurants, dessert cafes, and shops at Garosu-gil!

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