VIP Signature Surgeries

VIP Signature Surgeries

 VIP Signature Surgeries

At VIP International Plastic Surgery Center, we are an inclusive clinic, as we are very global in nature.  We treat each client as part of our family. We pay particular attention to their needs to make sure that your voice is heard.  From the initial contact to the surgery aftercare, we hold your hand at every step.  Ultimately, we want to turn your beautiful dreams into reality, embracing a unique combination of traditional expertise and forward-thinking methodologies to bring your vision to life.  We are proud of our doctors, staff and signature surgeries.  Dr. Lee and his team boast more than 20 years of successful experience and strive to treat all VIPs with the attention, respect, and care they deserve. Among many plastic surgeries, here I have listed the most loved signature surgeries.

We want to meet your expectations and exceed it – each time!

Revision Rhinoplasty

As VIP is known to be the ‘autologous tissue center,’ rhinoplasty is indeed the most loved signature surgeries. Our revision rhinoplasty is performed to repair a nose that has undergone a previous rhinoplasty. The indications of a nose that needs revision rhinoplasty are flushed nasal tip, twisted nose, bent nose, nose with silicone line, stubby nose, upturned nose and other side effects of foreign materials and injections.  Our solution for a revision rhinoplasty is to utilize autologous tissue to repair the form and function of the nose.  We are Korea’s Leading Autologous Clinic for Rhinoplasty.
See our before and after Revision Rhinoplasty pictures here:

High SMAS Face Lift

Our approach to some of the tell-tale signs of aging such as facial wrinkles and droopy skin is the High SMAS Face Lift.  This is an enhanced facelift that peels sagged tissues (skin, fat tissues, SMS layer) separately from facial muscles and puts them back to the original position.   This is different from tradition facelift procedures as the effect is permanent and the patient can experience a radical change.  In order to do such a procedure, the skill, technique, and experience of the doctor are of tantamount importance.   Dr. Lee, our doctor in charge, is a world-renowned surgeon who is a member of ASAPS and ISAPS. 
To learn more about Dr. Lee, see here:

Mid-Face Augmentation

Among various surgeries, mid-face augmentation is a unique surgery exclusively performed by VIP. When a customer comes to us with a depressed mid-face and protruded mouth, we recommend a Mid-Face Augmentation.  A Mid-face augmentation is usually a procedure that is done with rhinoplasty and helps to improve sunken areas of the face.  Moreover, the surgery only takes about an hour. It can be performed under the local anesthesia.The result is a natural, youthful look. In Korea, we call it the “Harmony Rhinoplasty” as along with the nose it provides more effective results to your entire face. 
See our impressive before and afters here:
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“Our mission is to assist all our patients to achieve the best results that are life changing and enhances their lives.”

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