VIP Rib Cartilage Graft Rhinoplasty

VIP Rib Cartilage Graft Rhinoplasty


Rib cartilage graft rhinoplasty is the safest rhinoplasty that uses 100% autologous tissues and achieves natural beauty.

Asian’s nose is generally low and short, and the mid-part of the face is depressed in most cases. Nevertheless, a silicone implant or Gore-Tex is commonly used for Asian rhinoplasty, and the synthetic implant is prone to various complications such as infection, distortion, extrusion, thinness, redness, and contraction.
Thus, rib cartilage is an excellent alternative to synthetic implants; it is used for patients who went through repetitive revisions due to implant complications.
VIP Plastic Surgery Center created an innovative method of rib cartilage graft rhinoplasty that achieves overall facial balance and functional purpose. Harmony Rhinoplasty using rib cartilage can produce a dramatic result as patient’s mouth is receded, jutting chin is improved, and wide cheek bones look reduced.

Primary rib cartilage graft surgery case: Before & After

Advantage of Rib Cartilage Graft Rhinoplasty:


Sufficient cartilage

The rib cartilages are located in each side of total twelve rib cages. The 6th~10thrib cartilage is used for rhinoplasty, and typically the 7th rib cartilage is used as it is the most straightest and sufficient.

Using only your own autologous tissues

100% your own natural tissues will be used and integrated into your nose structure. Consequently, rib cartilage minimizes the rate of infection, extrusion, or shift compared to silicone implant. In addition, rib cartilage can be carved and shaped to customize the length, height, width, nostrils shape, and tip of your nose without much restriction.
The rib cartilage graft rhinoplasty minimizes obvious signs of plastic surgery as the whole structure is reconstructed and there will be no deformity or contraction from an foreign implant. 

The safest and everlasting rhinoplasty method

The rib cartilage graft rhinoplasty latest and best bio-architecture rhinoplasty method that improves your beauty even when the cases or conditions are bad.

The natural looking nose

The result looks natural as if it was your own. 

Rib cartilage graft rhinoplasty is necessary for patients:

1. Who has a distortion after an infection
2. Who has contracted, short nose
3. Who needs correction of mouth protrusion through Harmony Rhinoplasty
4. Who needs correction of depressed mid-face through Harmony Rhinoplasty
5. Who has a collapsed nose deformity
6. Who has an infection after an illegal filler injection
7. Who has a deformity of cleft lip
8. Who has a deformity after an accident
As the surgery demands high degree of skill, choosing the expert surgeon with many years of rhinoplasty experience is an important factor in order to prevent possible complications (warp, asymmetry, absorption, and scarring). The benefits of rib cartilage graft rhinoplasty will outweigh the mentioned risks when done by the right surgeon who is highly experienced.

Nose contraction caused by silicone implant

Revision case of rib cartilage graft rhinoplasty : Before & After

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