VIP Plastic Surgery Center’s Hotel Recommendations

VIP Plastic Surgery Center‘s Hotel Recommendations

Many people who do not live in Seoul needs to plan a trip to Seoul for post surgery recovery period. Usually after the surgery, patients are required to visit the clinic every other day for dressing and post surgery swelling care. 

For most of the times, international patients need to stay in Korea for about 7-14 days depending on the surgery type they receive. When deciding a place to stay, it is important to check the distance between the clinic and the hotel and cleanness of the hotel. Here are some recommendations for your convenience during your stay in Seoul. 

1. Hotel Sunshine 
  • ($100-120 per night)
  • 3 star hotel, Sunshine hotel is only 3 minutes away from VIP by walking distance. Near Garosu-gil, Sinsa station and Apgujung station. 
  • See Location on Google Map

2. JW Marriott hotel 

3. Lacasa hotel 

4. VIP Studio Apartment 
  • ($100 per night, extra $50 per night for additional guest)
  • Studio located at 8-10minute walking distance from the clinic. Near Garosu-gil. Subject to limited availability. 

If you would like us to assist in reservation, please email us at 

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