VIP Plastic Surgery Center Korea Accommodation Guideline


VIP Plastic Surgery Center’s

Accommodation Guideline

Many patients who comes from different countries seek to stay in Korea for about 2 weeks for plastic surgery and their recovery period.
There are certain things you need to check before deciding where to stay. Let’s take a look at some criteria that you need to check. 

1. Distance from VIP Clinic

Since you will have to come for check up & recovery facials pretty frequently, it is recommended to stay at a place in a walking distance. 

2. Distance from subway station

Although you will be recovering during your stay in Korea, you also can look around and enjoy Korea! Walking around during recovery is usually recommended for faster recovery. Lying down on your bed for the entire day only makes you swell even more. 
There are many shopping areas and tourist points in Seoul, and subway is important for you to get around. 

3. Sanitation

No matter where you stay, sanitation of the place is the most important part. After the surgery, your body’s immune system will be lower than usual and the surgery area MUST be kept clean to avoid any infection.

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