VIP Neck Lift: How To Look Younger

VIP Neck Lift: How To Look Younger

The most obvious area of your face that shows aging is your neck. When you age, there is a possibility that your neck will sag and droop. This condition often referred to as a turkey neck, is very common. Hence, a neck lift is the best option to address this issue. and other aesthetic neck issues. Our VIP neck lift is a premium neck lift surgery that corrects the neck, chin, and jawline. 

This post will provide an overview of this procedure and how it makes you look years younger.

VIP Neck Lift: How To Look Younger

Have you had a tightening laser or a procedure to correct your double chin but were not satisfied? Do you have severe neck wrinkles? Turkey Neck? Is your neckline not structured enough? Then a VIP Neck Lift could be your solution. Most people are more concerned with their face and tend to neglect their necks. But the good news is that we can help you get rid of your turkey neck. A turkey wattle is the biggest sign that a person needs a neck lift. A turkey neck is when a band of muscle and skin which includes fat droops. This creates an unstructured profile as profile looks as it is drooping from the chin to mid-neck or chest.

Causes of Turkey Neck

A Turkey neck can be caused by a number of factors besides age:

  • Genetics
  • Obesity followed by massive weight loss
  • Natural elements such as sun and wind
  • Loss of skin elasticity

Neck Lift Surgery

The goal of this surgery is to reverse the signs of aging and give you a refreshed look. In a traditional neck lift, a doctor performs liposuction to remove excess skin and surgery to remove or tighten the muscles. The process starts with the doctor making an incision under the chin or behind the ears,. In this case, the doctor will utilize sutures to tighten the muscle and potentially trim excess skin & muscle. The skin will be lifted and secured with stitches or staples. It is then followed up with liposuction to remove excess fat which is around or beneath the chin.


VIP Neck Lift

The technique of the VIP Neck Lift gives more dramatic results than a traditional neck lift, as skin elasticity is improved and deep wrinkles are minimized. The result is a natural and refreshed appearance. There are three steps for the VIP Neck Lift:

  • Make a small incision behind the ears along & inside the hairline 
  • Separate the SMAS Layer and pulls it upwards
  • Pull the superficial skin upwards and place sutures to prevent scarring.

Sometimes, the doctor will utilize a smart lipolysis laser to remove the excess fat and tighten the jawline area. Oftentimes, the doctor will recommend this with our High SMAS Face Lift for better and more dramatic results.

Recovering From A Neck Lift

In order to get the best results, there are certain precautions one must take. Here are some tips:

  • Rest With Your Head Elevated
    • It is important to keep your head elevated at a 45-degree angle. This will help to ease swelling.
  • Don’t Exercise
    • One of the things to definitely avoid is heavy exercise.  By exercising, you can cause your stitches to tear open or place too much stress on your body
  • Make Sure to Rest
    • You are highly encouraged to rest as much as possible.  If you rest, your chances to heal are greater.

Above all, the most important thing that you should keep in mind with a neck lift is to choose a very skilled and experienced doctor. Contact Us to find out more about our VIP Neck Lift. 



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