VIP Lower Blepharoplasty

VIP Lower Blepharoplasty

VIP Lower Blepharoplasty

With aging, the soft tissues of the lower eyelid (skin, muscle, septum) loosen and shrink, and the membrane enclosing fat weakens. The periorbit changes and the fat pockets tend to protrude and bulge in the lower eyelid. The semicircular part in the lower eyelid sinks, and the skin droops.

Lower Blepharoplasty

Lower Blepharoplasty refers to an eyelid surgery that is performed to remove excess fat in the lower eyelid.
There are various surgery methods, of which is decided according to the level of sagging skin, muscle, fat, turgor, and exopthalmas. In less severe cases, the removal of fat only is practiced through the conjunctiva. In case of droopy skin, the fat is returned to its normal anatomic compartment, and the skin is appropriately removed through skin incision. Under conscious sedation, lower blepharoplasty is performed through an incision just beneath the eyelashes without worries about scars. The fat in the lower eyelid is spread out to the sunken semicircular part and sutured with absorabable sutures. In case of too much fat, the fat may be partially removed. The droopy skin is then removed and sutured, resulting in a toned and younger lower eyelid.

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