VIP Hip-Up Surgery with Fat Graft

Hip-Up Surgery for a curvaceous, beautiful buttocks
Complete your beautiful body with hip-up fat graft for an hourglass shaped body line.

The candidates:
Hip is an attractive body part to emphasize the women’s figure. Hip-up surgery with fat graft is for women who wish for curvaceous and voluminous buttocks without the assistance of corrective garment such as hip paddings.

Fat grafting with stem cell therapy:
Hip augmentation with fat grafting is using the fat taken from another part of your body (from sagging lower buttocks, thighs, abdomen, waist, etc.) and injected to the upper part of the buttocks. Fat grafting gives a full, natural result and minimizes the possible infections that could be caused by silicone implants. 

Around 200-300cc is grafted to each side of buttocks. Additional fat grafting procedure can be done if necessary. Moreover, many patients tend to undergo hip augmentation with the whole body liposuction.

 Before & After Hip-Up Surgery


VIP International Plastic Surgery Center, Seoul, Korea

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