VIP High-SMAS Neck Lift

VIP High-SMAS Neck Lift

It is inevitable that the neck reveals your age. There comes a point in time when naturally reducing neck wrinkles may not be able to stop the sagging neck skin and chin, as well as neck wrinkles. 

High-SMAS Neck Lift

High-SMAS Neck Lift is an enhanced SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System) neck lift that peels the SMAS layer on the face up to the jawline and the bottom of the ears and then lifts the layer toward the front and back of the ears respectively before the remaining skin is cut off. The scar is not visible because it is located along the ear cartilage. Thus, it tends to lead to more natural lifting of the neck. 

For a moderate droopy chin, fat transplantation can be carried out to restore the jawline through liposuction. In addition, Lipolysis (Smart Lipo) is a procedure that can improve both the figure and skin elasticity by removing fat and causing contract of the collagen.

Before & After (High-SMAS Neck Lift)

VIP Cosmetic Surgery Center wishes for your wrinkle-free neck and youthful look!

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