VIP High-SMAS Facelift

VIP High-SMAS Facelift

VIP High-SMAS Facelift

What is High SMAS Facelift?

High-SMAS facelift refers to an enhanced SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System) facelift that peels sagged tissues (skin, fat tissues, SMS layer) separately from facial muscles and puts them back to the original position, thus removing facial wrinkles and droopy skin.

Who are the candiates of High SMAS Facelift?

An aged face results from not only the skin but also subcutaneous fat layer and special layer called SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System), which are located between the skin and muscle layer. 

How is High-SMAS facelift different from conventional facelift surgeries?

A conventional facelift that tightens only the skin flap wouldn’t have a long-lasting effect but would leave a large scar on the cutting line. This is because the incision is sutured without other layers of the entire skin tissue. 
Furthermore, the general technique of SMAS lift only covers the chin and the corners of the mouth. The remaining parts, such as the midface areas including the laugh lines, cheeks and zygoma, are not lifted entirely, causing an imbalance in facial proportion.

How is the surgery performed?

With High-SMAS lift, the skin and SMAS layer are safely peeled up to the upper zygoma for a full facelift. The high-SMAS lift peels sagged tissues (skin, fat tissues, SMAS layer) separately from facial muscles and putsthem back to the original position. It is also effective in removing the nasolabial folds and improving droopiness of the mid-face areas, sagging jawline, and jowls without having an unnatural look and tight corners of the mouth.  
If micro-fat grafting is additionally combined with the high-SMAS lift to fill up the diagonal wrinkles below the eyes, nasolabial folds, corners of the mouth, eyes and around the chin area, the effect of high-SMAS lift will be much more significant and long-lasting.

Is Dr. Lee skilled to perform High-SMAS Facelift?

Dr. Lee is the first surgeon to perform High-SMAS Facelift in Korea. As a pioneer of such surgery method, he has extensive skills and techniques, performing the surgery for more than 15 years. VIP is not a commercialized clinic and did not have a single medical malpractice for 15 years of performing numerous surgeries.

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