VIP FAQs: High-SMAS Facelift

Here are some frequently asked questions we get for High SMAS facelift. Please go over carefully and if you have more inquiries or want to have online consultation, you can always e-mail us to :).

1. Am I too young for a High SMAS facelift?
Normally patients on their 40’s and 50’s undergo High SMAS facelift procedures, but since everyone ages differently, our doctors focus more on the condition than the age. Doctor can recommend thread lift for the younger patients with slightly loosen skin or patients who wish to undergo less invasive procedure.
2. What kind of anesthesia will be used for High SMAS facelift?
This surgery requires general anesthesia, and patient will go through body exams to make sure you are good candidate for the surgery.
3. Is there a lot of pain after the surgery?
Patient will have IV pain killer injected after the surgery, so he/she will not feel any pain. 
4. How long is the swelling and recovery?
The immediate swelling and bruising may take up to 2-3 weeks depending on patient’s condition. A patient may return to normal activities after about 2 weeks. However, full recovery may take 6 months to 1 year. 

5. Will there be scarring after the surgery?
Scarring can be expected after the surgery as healing is dependent on patient’s skin condition. Our doctor closes the incision in a very precise manner so after full recovery, the scarring may be inconspicuous. The incision will be from the hairline through the inside of ear, and also back of the ear

6. When can I start to exercise?
You can start light exercise from 3-4 weeks of the surgery. Please avoid extreme sports and sauna for 2 months after the surgery.

7. Is High SMAS facelift permanent procedure?
Yes, the result is permanent but no one can stop from aging. Therefore, skin will continue to age gradually even after facelift. 
8. Why are drainage bags on me? Is it necessary?
Drains are placed in to collect excessive fluid after surgical facelift. Although it can be uncomfortable, the drainage bags are important for faster healing process. The drainage bags are usually removed after 3 days or more depending on patient’s condition.
9. When can I go out in the sun? Get my hair dyed?
You should avoid sun for several reasons; sunlight can cause pigmentation of the incisions and strong sunlight can even cause more swelling.
You may dye/perm your hair after about 1 month when all the incision areas are somewhat fully healed.

10. I don’t think I need necklift. Why does doctor suggest necklift for me?

Undergoing on facelift cannot address the saggy skin under the chin and neck area. Sometimes both excess fat tissues and skin need to be removed by laser liposuction and necklift. 

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