VIP Face Fat Graft

VIP Face Fat Graft

From the mid-20s, the skin starts to lose elasticity, and the fat distribution on the face starts to change. This subsequently causes the forehead, temple, or cheeks to be sunken or depressed.


Face Fat graft

Face fat graft refers to the fat transplantation to the depressed areas of the face.
Autologous fat transplantation allows to fill the depressed areas, as well as to hide protruding cheekbones. This procedure can be applied to the following areas: forehead, cheek, temple, glabella, nasolabial wrinkles, eyes, dark circles, nose, chin and lips. This is a “noble surgery” that heightens the central part of the face around the nose. Overall, this may provide a more voluminous and youthful face.
The procedure is as follows. Under local anesthesia, fat is taken from the fat-abundant areas, such as the abdomen or thighs. A thin tube is inserted into the selected area to extract fat, and then the extracted fat is set upright and waits at a room temperature until the impurities settle down. The impurities that have settled down are removed, and the remaining fat is segregated in a centrifuge. At last, molding work is performed after fat transplantation to make a smooth outline by pushing the area that has received fat in an attempt to make it spread evenly.

Before & After (Temple and Cheek Fat Graft)


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