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Asian Nose Surgery


Asian rhinoplasty refers to nose surgery performed on Asians to create a nose that is aesthetically pleasing and harmonious to the Asian face. 


Asian noses tend to have the following characteristics: broadand low nasal dorsum, thick and sebaceous skin overlying the tip and supratip, poor tip projection and support with weak lower lateral cartilages, thinand small amount of septal cartilage, short nose, retracted columella, acute nasolabial angle, thickened alar lobules, or flaring nostrils. 


VIP’s Asian rhinoplasty includes not only performing a surgery on the nose but also achieving harmony with other facial structures. For this harmonious rhinoplasty, retruded midface and columellar are elevated, the tip of the nose is projected more, and the length of the nose is elongated. The autologous rib cartilage rather than small cartilages is the optimal choice for Asian rhinoplasty, as it provides stability to support the nasal structure and abundant cartilage volume.
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