VIP Anti-Aging Plastic Surgeries

As aging process continues, droopy skin, sunken fat, and wrinkles are inevitable. Many patients who visit VIP seeks into overall anti-aging surgeries.
Here are the most common anti-aging surgeries for a more youthful look. 
Droopy skin is one of the biggest factor that makes the impression look old.
By lifting the overall skin and removing excess fat, wrinkles and folds on the facial skin are removed. High-SMAS facelift is completely different from conventional methods of facelift. It pulls both skin and SMAS layer, which results in a long lasting effect.
High SMAS facelift also keeps the facial impression natural, leaves minimal scarring, improve overall droopiness, and provides autologous tissues for dermis graft.

As the skin gets sunken during the aging process, fat and loosen skin accumulates under the chin as well. This makes double chin, or a wrinkled chin, making the overall impression less sharp. Similar as High-SMAS Facelift, High SMAS Neck lift brings the skin and SMAS layer along the jaw line to the ears to make a smooth yet long lasting results. 

While there are some space with fat accumulation, areas such as temple, forehead, front zygoma (Indian wrinkle), nasolabial fold, and side cheeks lose fat, making the area sunken. Along with High-SMAS facelift, micro fat graft is usually recommended to many patients to give more volume and maximize the facelift effect. 

4. Forehead Endoscope
As aging process goes on, muscles around the eyes gets strengthen, which cause forehead muscle and skin to fall down. Under this condition, forehead wrinkles are created and it is very hard to open the eyes. Forehead Endoscope procedure uses an endoscope from the scalp to pull the forehead muscles and skin up. 

Eye wrinkles are very common to many people. Also, as people age, muscles weakens, pulling the skin and muscle downward, covering up the eyes. 
On the lower eyes, fat bulges out with sagged skin, creating an eyebag. By excess skin removal and fat relocation, a younger and brighter eyes can be made. 

7. Smarlipo lipolysis 
Smartlipo lipolysis is done when there are unwanted lumps of fat around the chin or the face. The process rapidly melts the fat and removes it, making the facial line slimmer with more definition. 
8. Dermis graft
When patient undergoing facelift is have a very deep nasolabial fold along the upper mouth, autologous tissues harvested from facelift is used to give volume under the nasolabial fold. As it gives volume with autologous tissue, it creates a very natural result with minimum complication.  
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