Plastic Surgery Trip to Korea: Everything You Wanted to Know

Plastic Surgery Trip to Korea: Everything You Wanted to Know


You have decided to have plastic surgery but if you have never been to South Korea, you will feel lost. Here, we will cover the process in detail when visiting Korea for your plastic surgery trip!


Scheduling & Planning

  1. Consultation

    • It is not easy for you to come to Korea just for a consultation. In that case, VIP offers online consultation via email, Whatsapp and Kakao Talk! Please send front and side view pictures of your interested area and we will provide online consultation for you in detail.
    • Email:
    • Whatsapp and Kakao: +82 10-5059-6626
  2. Medication / Health Condition

    • In order for us to check whether you can have surgery or not, please let us know what medication you are currently taking.
    • If you had any previous surgeries before, please let us know 1) Year 2) Surgery Name 3) Materials used
    • If you had any filler injections, please let us know.
    • You cannot take any supplements that help blood circulation for 2 weeks before the surgery: aspirin, warfarin, clopidogrel, vitamin E, omega 3(fish oil), squalene, any types of vasodilator, and hormonal drugs, herbal medicine, ginseng, and red ginseng extract
    • Do not drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes or do drugs for 2 weeks before the surgery
  3. Booking Your Flight

    • Airport to Seoul is Incheon International Airport (ICN) or Gimpo Airport (GMP)
    • Please check whether you need to receive visa to visit Korea
    • It is the best for you to arrive one day prior to your surgery date
    • Please check surgery schedule with us before purchasing your ticket! Our surgery schedule usually fills up very quickly.
    • Unfortunately, airplane ticket is not included in the surgical cost and must be purchased individually.
  4. Weather

    • March – June: Perfect Spring Weather
    • July – August: Summer & Humid
    • September – November: Autumn, Cool and breeze
    • December – February: Cold, but not a lot of snow
  5. Clothing

    • Please bring comfortable, easy to wear clothes. Loose button down shirts are highly recommended.
    • Please do not bring luxury goods or jewelry for security. You will need to take off all accessories for the surgery.
    • There is a security box in the apartment and lockers in the recovery room.
    • Please bring enough clothes for you to wear as there is no laundry machine at the VIP apartment.
    • There is a dry cleaning store on the first floor of the apartment if you need to do any laundry.



  1. Driver

    • If you booked an airport pick up with us: Once you are at the gate, please look for your name. Our driver, Mr. Yoo will be holding a sign with your name on. Please save his number before you leave just in case you do not see him.
    • From ICN, it will take about 1.5 hours to get to the clinic. From GMP, it will take about 1 hours to arrive to the clinic.
  2. Sim card

    • The easiest place for you to purchase sim card is the airport. There are not many places in the city that sells pre-paid sim card so if you plan to purchase, airport is the right place. All three companies, SK, KT, and LG are good with about the same price range.


Surgery Preparation

  1. In- person consultation

    • After you arrive to the clinic, you will see doctor for in-person consultation.
  2. Body check up

    • Before the surgery, body examination is necessary. You will have blood test, urine test, EKG, and X-ray.
  3. Consent form

    • Before the surgery, the clinic is legally responsible to receive a written consent before the surgery.
  4. Payment

    • Full payment must be paid before the surgery. Forms of payment we receive are cash and credit cards.
  5. Fasting

    • If you are having a surgery that requires anesthesia, you must not eat or drink anything (even water) 6 hours before the surgery.
    • If you plan to have surgery on the day you arrive: Please remember not to eat or drink anything on the plane (6hours before the surgery). For exact time, please contact us.
    • For upper eyelid surgery that does not require anesthesia, you do not need to fast. Please have a light meal a few hours before the surgery.
  6. Shower

    • Please take a clean shower before the surgery. Do not apply lotion on your face or body. Please do not wear make up or apply hair products.


  1. Design

    • You will meet doctor again before the surgery for the final discussion. In this meeting, he will design your surgical area, and make final comments about your condition.
  2. Meet Dr. Eun

    • You will meet Dr. Eun, the anesthesia specialist. He will monitor your condition from the beginning of the surgery until the end of the surgery for the safest result.
  3. Relax

    • We know it is a very nervous to go through a surgery, but now it is the time for you to relax. Trust your surgeon and the medical staffs, the surgery will be done when you wake up from the anesthesia.



  1. Nursing Service

    • After the surgery, you will be hospitalized for 1 or 2 nights, depending on your surgery type and condition.
    • Overnight, the nurse will be taking care of you.
    • Food will be provided during your stay in the clinic.


Post surgery

  1. Medication

    • After you get discharged, you will need to take oral medication. Prescription will be given to you and medication can be purchased at the nearby pharmacy. If you have a hard time going to the pharmacy, we can help you purchase.
    • The medication cost is not included in the surgical cost. The estimated cost of medication is about USD 50~100 depending on your surgery.
  2. Going back to the accommodation

    • If you choose to stay at the VIP apartment, we will drop you off by car as it may be hard for you to walk by yourself.
    • There is free wifi, and we will give you all necessary information about the apartment in prior.
    • The VIP apartment is about 5-minute walking distance from the clinic.
  3. Doctor check up (Dressing)

    • Every morning, or every other morning, you will need to come to the clinic for the doctor checkup. Our dressing starts at 9:30am so please be on time if you want your doctor to check your condition.
  4. Swelling treatment

    • After the dressing, a professional aesthetician will provide you swelling treatment so you can recover faster.
    • Pumpkin juice can be purchased from the pharmacy. 
  5. Hair Wash

    • We know it is very hard to wash hair on your own after the surgery. Some surgeries will not allow you to take shower for a few days after the surgery. In that case, we will provide hair wash service for your convenience 🙂


Enjoy Seoul

  1. In a few days after the surgery, your condition will be recovered enough to walk around. Visit Korean traditional palaces, hot spots, and good restaurants while your stay in Korea! In fact, Seoul is a very safe enough for foreigners to walk and travel alone.
  2. Transportation

    • Public transportation is clean and easy in Seoul. With Subway, you can basically go anywhere in Seoul! If you have the address, taxi is grabbable anywhere with reasonable price.
    • There are many places to go around near the clinic as well within walking distance 🙂
  3. Food

    • Seoul is a very dense city, and you can basically find good food in any location. Ask VIP staffs for restaurant recommendations! Food is not provided once you are discharged from the clinic. 

Going back home

  1. Last check up 

    • You will have the last checkup with your doctor before you leave and make sure everything is recovering well before you leave Korea!  If you need emergency medication, your doctor will give you a prescription. It is recommended to come for follow up 6-12 months after if you can come to Korea.
  2. Airport drop off

    • Check your departing flight details with us, and we will arrange an airport drop off for you. 


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