V-Line Surgery: The Celebrity Look.

V-Line Surgery: The Celebrity Look.

Here in Korea, many people aspire to look like their pop culture icons.  Whether it be large eyes, a straight nose or pale skin, a lot of people aim to replicate the celebrity look.  One of the best-known features that is most requested here is a v-line face.  What exactly is it and would you be a candidate for v line surgery?


In the past, the Western standard of beauty influenced many people globally. The sheer number of magazines and advertisements proscribed this standard of beauty. However, due to the rise of K-pop and K-drama which presented a new standard of beauty, many people changed their aesthetics. One of the most desirable features that arose from this popularity, was the small, slim face with a V-shape.  

 V-shaped faces are known to be more feminine than their stronger chin shaped faces.  They are seen to be more geometrically proportionate and more youthful.  In essence, a woman looks more young and elegant with a V-shaped face. In contrast, people see a person with a square jaw and a wide face as being older and more masculine. What are the best ways to achieve a v-line?

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Non-Invasive Ways to Achieve a V-Line

A good surgeon can create a subtle v-line face with a combination of machines and thread lifts. Some treatments such as HIFU, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound can achieve this. In this scenario, a surgeon will combine botox of the jaw with HIFU. Although these methods can be good temporary measures, it does not create the impactful changes compared to V-line surgery. V-line surgery is the only permanent method to get dramatic results.

What is V Line Surgery?

V Line Surgery is surgery to reduce the size and shape of the jaw so that it looks slim and natural. The bottom of the jaw will form into a V-shape. Generally, in jaw reduction surgery, the shape of the chin does not change only the mandibular angle. As a result, it does not give dramatic results. However, we take this a step further with our VIP Jaw Reduction.

The goal of the VIP Jaw Reduction is, of course, to feminize the face and to produce substantial changes by shaving the chin area as well. This combination approach will produce a V-line oval face. This V-line surgery is known to make the face more feminine and elegant.  Surgery time is approximately 60 minutes and is done under general anesthesia with a hospitalization of 1 day.

The most suitable candidates for VIP Jaw Reduction are those who have :

  • A wide face
  • Square or double jaw
  • Short Face or a big chin
  • Imbalanced jawline


Five Steps to VIP Jaw Reduction


The doctor will make an incision inside the mouth and design where the reduction will occur. 

v line surgery

The doctor carefully shapes  the jaw bone by cutting excess part and polishing into a desired design.


If the doctor sees that there is excess side bone, it will also be removed to balance out the overall shape.


The doctor will fix the incision line




Finally, the doctor will fix the suture


Recovery After VIP Jaw Reduction

Even though the above process may seem to be quite intense, the recovery period is better than most other facial procedures. You will be required to wear a facial harness which will keep the swelling down and you will only be able to eat soft foods for awhile. Most of the swelling will go away in 1 month. Your best results where you look natural will take about 3 to 6 months. 

v line surgery


Remember only a skilled surgeon with years of experience should only be doing this type of surgery. Contact us to discuss how you can achieve the slim & soft jaw look.


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