Types of Liposuction

Types of Liposuction

Suction Assisted Liposuction

This procedure uses a vacuum sucker and a tiny tube, 
through which the fat is suctioned. Despite its wide use in the past,
its use decreased with the introduction of ultrasonic procedures.
Nowadays, it is more commonly used again 
because ultrasonic procedure is known to cause many

Ultra Sonic Liposuction

This procedure used to be widely used because of its advantage
of selectively dissolving fat. But due to its disadvantages, 
such as excessive heat, too much time and too much fluid after operation, 
it is nowadays far less used. 
This method has been rejected in a number of countries, 
including the US because of emerging problems. Currently, 
its use is restricted to dissolving solid fat or suctioning fat on the back.
Today a new type of ultrasonic instrument is being developed,
which focuses on reducing excessive heat.

Lipomatic Liposuction

This is a combination of conventional liposuction and power-
driven tremor so that the tube can get through the fat layer 
more easily. This is intended to consume less strength of 
the operator. One of the shortcomings is that it can cloud the 
sensibility of the operator.
That is, the area, the depth and the location of removal should
be determined by the operator’s skill, but the motor-driven 
tube can fail to convey the feeling of the site to the operator.

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