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Korean beauty is definitely a world-wide trend! Korean people usually focus on having a perfect skin before they move on to the next step of make-up. Peek into Korean skin care items and learn about secrets of Korean celebrities’ beauty with VIP Plastic Surgery Center Korea. 
Let’s first take a look at some of the hot K-Cosmetic Brands 
Known as using an effective formula with pure ingredients and traditional herb processing methods, Belif is loved by many people with their moisturizing creams, masks, and serums. With low-medium price range, Belif offers a wide variety of Korean skin care products. VIP would like to recommend their “Moisturizing Bomb” and “Aqua Bomb”
AmorePacific is the biggest cosmetic company in Korea and their products are absolutely amazing! Using traditional Asian ingredients, AmorePacific offers anti-aging skin products with full of hydration and nourishment. VIP would recommend their “Treatment Enzyme Peel” for those people who have sensitive skin.
Dr. Jart
 Dr. Jart skin care is invented by expert dermatologists, creating the safest skin care products. Their popular “Ceramidin Cream” is definitely one of the most beloved item all over the world.
Also take a look at VIP Plastic Surgery Center’s “10-Step Korean Skincare Routine” to find out the common rituals of every Korean woman’s everyday skincare. 
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