Top 5 Reasons on Revision Rhinoplasty

Dr. Lee is a well known, probably the best surgeon in Korea that performs revision rhinoplasty.

Numerous people visit our clinic with problems from previous nose surgeries.
Let’s see why so many people come for revision rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty has been popular since the 60-70s. It is the most wanted plastic surgery after eyelid surgery. In the beginning, the non-qualified and non-medical specialists injected silicone injection, paraffin or Vaseline, which destroyed the nasal tissue and develop granuloma. 
These symptoms usually occur after several years, which increased the revision surgeries.


Another main reason that silicone has been commonly used for rhinoplasty is since 1980s, implant such as silicone was inserted into the end of the nasal tip. Implant insertion often results inflammation, outer protrusion, distortion and skin thinness. 
All these problems become noticeable as time goes by, which cause the increase of revision surgery.

Recently, AlloDerm is used for nasal tip surgery in many cases. However, human skin is not strong enough to resist AlloDerm, and cannot make any form while maintaining the structure. Therefore, there are numerous cases that require revision surgery since the nasal tip became bulbous by using AlloDerm to augment the nose. However, AlloDerm is good for the purpose of thickening the skin.
There are many cases in Asian nose that the structure is not built well with odd ratio and angle. Also, the structure itself is very weak in many cases. 
In such condition, the existing procedure prefers only to insert implant on the flat structure rather than setting up the right structure or strengthening the weak structure. This procedure conceals the deformed part rather than improving it. Because of this passive method (camouflage method), even after the procedure, the structural problem still remains. 
Also because of passive treatment, contraction (scarring inside the nose) occurs and structure gets deformed. Therefore, previous passive surgeries lead to constant revision surgeries.

To evaluate the shape of the nose after the surgery, it requires certain period since the tissue needs to be mature over time. 
It is common for patients to decide hastily on revision surgery and cause problems. 
Recently, patients rush to have revision surgery shortly after their first surgery, which cause the increase rate of revision surgery.

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