Top 5 Hair Essence Ranked in Korean Beauty Show

Get It Beauty is Korean top beauty TV show. 

It introduces skin, hair, body care with professional guests.

Here are some top 5 hair essence that Get It Beauty Professionals recommended.


Kerastase Resistance Ciment Thermique


Protects hair from heat (~180 degree Celcius) 

Rate: 346 out of 500


TonyMoly Make HD Silk Argon Oil


Hair absorbs lightly and fast. Not sticky.

Rate: 343 out of 500


Elastin Silk Repair Milky Essence

$12.50 (estimated) 

Contains natural silk protein ingredient and improves 7 symptoms of hair damage

Rate: 303 out of 500


Aveda Dry Remedy Moisturizing oil


Light texture. Good for dry hair

Quickly hydrates hair

Rate: 282 out of 500


Aesop Hair Oil Shine


Contains high concentration of jojoba and almond oil to soften the hair

Rate: 235 out of 500

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