Tips to reduce swelling after plastic surgery


How to reduce swelling after plastic surgery

Most patients are worried about swelling after the surgery. Surgery is very intrusive and swelling of the surgery area is unavoidable. Here are some methods for fast recovery! 



1. Think Positive! 
Worrying that you don’t look great because of the swelling will not make any better. Think positive and think of yourself as a confident person! Try to do what you love and talk to your favorite people. 
2. Ice pack & Hot pack 
Ice pack blocks you from swelling and heating pack reduced your swelling! Please ask your doctor when to start ice pack and when to start hot pack. It is important to keep the duration for least swelling. 
3. Place your head above your heart level
Using a higher pillow, try to place your head above your heart level. This will help for your blood circulation. Try doing this 1-7 days after the surgery
4. Walk around
Just because you’ve gone through a surgery does not mean you should lay on your bed 24/7. If possible, try to move around a little. 30 minutes of light walk will help you reduce swelling. 
5. Eat well
Eat healthy and eat well! A decent amount of nutrition is needed in your body system for your digestion to be back at work. If you cannot chew well, try to intake soft food such as soup, yogurt, soft bread, banana. Especially, pumpkin is known for reducing swelling. Try to have pumpkin soup for few days. 
6. Come to VIP post-operation swelling care
We offer patients skin care after their surgery to reduce swelling and bruise around the surgery area. Please do not forget to come after checking up your surgical area with the doctors. 
7. Sinecch 
Sinecch is a natural Arnica Montana homeopathic remedy that has been clinically proven to reduce post-surgery bruising and swelling. By using SinEcch right before and after a surgery, a patient is able to minimize bruising and swelling, have less post-operative pain and discomfort, accelerate the healing process, and shorten recovery time. You can order this online or purchase from our clinic. 
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