Tips to keep your hair healthy

Tips to keep your hair healthy

Here are some tips to have more shiny and healthier hair.


“Before you wash your hair, comb your hair with round brush.”
Combing your hair helps filter out dusts in your hair and spreads out your hair oil to the end of the hair.

“Wash your hair in slightly colder temperature and make sure to really damp your hair before shampooing.”
Our head and hair contains the hottest temperature in our body, so it is not a good habit to wash with very hot water. Wash your hair in slightly cooler temperature.

“Use quarter-size amount of shampoo”
More shampoo doesn’t mean it will clean your head better. Actually, excess amount of shampoo could be detrimental to your hair.

“Before shampooing, make sure to make a bubble with your hands.”
When you rub your hands to make bubbles, it is the process to remove surface active agent (soap-like ingredient) which is detrimental to your body. Surface active agent can build up in ovary or kidney, so both females and males must wash out shampoo completely or make bubbles before they use it.

“Focus in your top of the head for shampoo”
Usually, it is the top of the head that smells the worst. Focus to wash out your top of the head than other parts of hair.

“Do not scratch. Massage with your finger tips”
By massaging your head, you can take out dead skins and help circulation of your head and prevent hair falling out.”

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