Tear Drop and Round Type Breast Implants

What is the difference between Round and Tear-Drop breast implants?

The round type breast implants look full and is all round the whole diameter. Although it can give maximum fullness, it can sometimes look artificial.

Shapes of tear-drop implants look close to women’s real breasts as it is narrower at the top and thicker at the lower breast curve. There is less risk of capsular contraction or implant shift. The teardrop implants achieve fuller breasts that look as if they are your own from the beginning.

The below picture can give an easier understanding than the words 🙂

What kind of Material is Used for the Breast Implants?

 The breast implant material used in our clinic is cohesive gel. Cohesive gel literally means a mass of silicone gel being “cohesive”. This was to resolve the problem of the silicone liquid spilling out when the implant bag was ruptured. Cohesive gel is in gel state like jelly, while existing silicone is in liquid state like honey. If the implant is cut in half, the implant maintains its shape and integrity. Cohesive gel is currently the most commonly used breast implants in the world for its safety. Moreover, there are various designs by height, width, and outward projection of the implants.

Tear Drop Implant – Breast Augmentation Before and After
Breast looks naturally fuller with tear drop implant

A patient’s photos just after 7 days of the surgery

 Another patient’s before and after with tear drop breast implant augmentation

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