Stem Cell Fat Transfer

Stem Cell Fat Transfer

What are Stem Cells?

Stem Cells are the foundation for multiple organs and tissues in our body. There are several different types of stem cells. In essence, stem cells are not all created at birth but form during different times of our lives. Embryonic stem cells are temporary. They only exist during the early part of development. Adult stem cells are formed when the fetus is developed and they are permanent. The unique characteristic of stem cells is that they have the ability to self-replicate and differentiate into more specialized cells.  Utilizing Stem Cells for stem cell fat transfer is the newest technique for anti-aging.

What Is Stem Cell Fat Transfer?

Stem Cell Fat Transfer is a noninvasive method to rejuvenate the skin and give volume to your face. In a stem cell fat transfer a doctor injects into the face of the patient their own fat stem cell and fat cells that has been harvested and purified. When a doctor injects stem cells into the skin, they will aid in skin rejuvenation, tissue healing and will help with the growth of blood vessels. In areas of the face where it is hollow, the transferred fat cells help to give volume. They also help to improve the texture and appearance of the skin by reducing wrinkles, pigmentation, acne-scarring etc.

VIP Stem Cell Fat Transfer

Our process for stem cell fat transfer is pretty thorough. In the first place, we diagnose what parts of the face need to have the fat and stem cells injected. We administer IV sedation. After the patient is asleep, we extract fat from fatty areas of the body such as the abdomen, thighs, etc.  via a cannula and put it into a centrifuge.  We utilize a high-quality extraction system that is able to extract the concentrated stem cells from the fat tissues. Furthermore, we mix the fat and stem cells together and inject it into the sunken areas of the face.

It will take approximately 60 minutes and will not require hospitalization. Recovery time is typically about one to two weeks depending on age and any other medical factors. In the first few days, there may be some inflammation, swelling, and redness. After the first week, the swelling will subside. After the first two weeks, you will be able to see dramatic results in the shape of the face. However, in regards to skin rejuvenation, results will continue for several months with the most notable changes occurring approximately 8 months after the procedure. Consequently, improvement will continue after 12 months.

Ideal Candidates for Stem Cell Fat Transfer

This procedure is beneficial for those who are looking for non-surgical facial rejuvenation since the results are effective and natural. Everyone’s procedure is not the same. Consequently, a doctor will customize it based on individual needs and the state of the skin. When you go through a consultation with us, we will diagnose the sunken areas and design the targeted areas for fat transfer.

Other considerations for a stem cell fat transfer are:

  • People who have deep laugh lines
  • People with a flat face
  • People who want to look younger and have more volume in the face
  • People with flat foreheads and temples
  • People who wish to rejuvenate their skin
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