Sliding Genioplasty for receded chin & protruded mouth

With receding chin, mouth protrusion is inevitable. In this case, sliding genioplasty can be considered. 
The ideal standard is that the lips are placed 2-4mm behind the chin-nasal tip connecting line. However, for Asians, lips that are placed on the same chin-nasal tip connecting line look nice. To this end, the protrusion degree of the chin and the nose is important.
Our clinic offers sliding genioplasty, which is a method of bringing your own chin bone to the front rather than using a silicone implant. This is because when you wear implant for a few years, your chin bone will get weaker and weaker as time goes on. Also, silicone implant only gives a minimum effect compared to sliding genioplasty. 
For sliding genioplasty, you will have to stay in Korea for about 10 days. Immediate swelling will be down in about 2 weeks and the final result will be out in about 2-3months depending on your condition. 
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