Safe Plastic Surgery: 4 Reasons Why You Are Safe With Us

Safe Plastic Surgery: 4 Reasons Why You Are Safe With Us

At VIP, we believe that safety and the recovery process are crucial for successful plastic surgery. We guide each of our patients through their plastic surgery experience with these factors in mind.  Consequently, we have created a safe plastic surgery system to ensure customer satisfaction and safety.

What is our safe plastic surgery system and how is it similar to a big university hospital? And why should you have cosmetic surgery and/or treatment with us? Here are some vital reasons why you will be safe with us.

Safe Plastic Surgery: Accredited Facility

Our clinic has gone through an accreditation process, which means that we have been subject to internal and external inspection through an external agency. Therefore, we have the resources: emergency equipment and training that is vital to respond to an emergency. In addition, our proximity to a big hospital is important.

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Safe Plastic Surgery: Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons

Above all, it is important that your surgeon should have board-certification. Don’t forget to verify! A board-certified plastic surgeon has had rigorous training and education in order to perform plastic surgery.

Certainly, any medical doctor can legally perform cosmetic surgery procedure. It doesn’t matter that they may have had little or no training in the procedure. So, just because a doctor says she/he is a plastic or a cosmetic surgeon, it doesn’t mean that they have board-certification.

However, at VIP, all our doctors have board-certification and are specialists in the surgeries that they perform. This drastically minimizes the chances of having unfavorable or adverse results as evidenced by our zero accident rate.

Safe Plastic Surgery: Complete Safety System

Our plastic surgery center is fully equipped and staffed to university hospital standards. We are equipped with:

  • Air Shower System: Air showers are a machine that is placed between the gowning area and a clean room (operating room). This means that all of our staff who enter the operating room put on a gown and enter the shower. The shower removes any residual particles from their clothing. This helps to reduce the incidence of infection.
  • Emergency Equipment: We equip our clinic with the latest emergency equipment. This includes an emergency kit, cardiopulmonary resuscitation equipment (CPR), and a backup electric power generator in the case of a power outage.
  • Anesthesia: When patients have surgery at our accredited, surgical facility, patients can expect to have the same strict anesthesia standards as that of a university hospital.  However, there is one major difference, each doctor performs only one or two surgeries a day.  In addition, many bigger clinics have only 1 or 2 anesthesiologists per day but yet they monitor several clients at a time. But, Dr. Eun, our MD anesthesiologist, deals with one patient at a time.  Dr. Eun monitors the patient from beginning to end of the surgery to ensure safety.

Safe Plastic surgery: Recovery

In order for a patient to have a successful surgery result, the recovery process is vital.  We discuss your recovery period with you. It is important for you to know what to expect, especially in the first 24-48 hours. This is crucial to maintaining safety. Since every surgery is unique and so is its recovery, we explain in detail on what to expect.


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