Revision Nose Job – VIP Plastic Surgery Korea Review

Revision Nose Job  – VIP Plastic Surgery Korea Review

Revision Rhinoplasty Review with Dr. Lee 

VIP Plastic Surgery Korea Review

My story with VIP is actually pretty funny, a few years ago, I went to Korea for nose job. I went to 6 clinics for consultation including VIP. To be honest, I really thought that VIP was too expensive for my budget. I understood the fact that Dr. Lee was good, but disregarded the option because of the fee compared to other clinic. I shouldn’t have done it back then. I regret it because i ended up going through so much more time, pain, and money and eventually came back to VIP.

I went through 2 surgeries before having my third one at VIP. First was with goretex. In the beginning it looked fine but later on my nose tip started to turn red and was infected. I had to take the implant out and wait to be healed. Second surgery was with silicone implant and ear cartilage. There was no infection that time but even with ear cartilage, my short nose problem was still there. I looked like a pig, and I had emotional problems for more than a year.

I decided to go to Dr. Lee and try out rib cartilage, giving myself the last chance. I really should have went for the first rhinoplasty, but I didn’t and ended up causing more trouble.

It’s been about 5 months since the surgery with Dr. Lee now and I already feel great. Service at VIP was definitely top notch. Dr. Lee even came on Sundays for check up after the surgery, and he explained so kindly to all my questions. Joanne was taking care of me like my mom in all different kinds of matters. All the nurses and front desk people were helping me out during my stay. Special thanks to Mina, who took so much effort for bruises and swelling to be gone in a timely manner.

VIP Plastic Surgery Clinic was definitely different from the first 2 other clinics in Korea that I have been to, and I guess I now know why it’s called “VIP”!


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