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Hello to the VIP Doctrs and staff,

I suffered a sports injury to my nose 12 years ago. 
That injury left me with a crooked nose, nasal constriction, and a scar on the bridge of my nose.
 I had a few consultations with an ENT and a different plastic surgeon. 
Those consultations left me scared and feeling that I couldn’t afford to fix my nose. 
Being in the military I was station to South Korea then, I was introduced to Dr. Lee of VIP! 
After meeting him I scheduled an appt. for a consultation. 
I was so impressed with the office, the staff, and Dr. Lee’s knowledge and professionalism. The way he and his nurses Joanne and Chloe explained things left me excited! 
I scheduled my surgery a week later! I’m now 7 months post-op. 
I get compliments all the time from people who saw me before the surgery. 
The biggest reason I chose to have the surgery done after meeting Dr. Lee was my little sister’s wedding. 
I was dreading more family pictures. 
The staff at Dr. Lee’s office did everything they could to ensure that I got the surgery and was healed before my sisters June wedding! 
I recommend Dr. Lee and his wonderful staff to anyone that is self-conscious of their nose!


J Limbo 

Thank you for your review J Limbo
Annie, from VIP International Cosmetic Surgery Center

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