Review on Revision rhinoplasty, Zygoma reduction, and Genioplasty

 Kelly had revision rhinoplasty, zygoma reduction, and genioplasty at VIP Plastic Surgery Center. 
Check out her honest review on her experience at VIP Clinic.
“I’m a Vietnamese and I’m from the U.S. I got my first nose job done in the U.S ten years ago and I hated it. 

I had always want to do revision on my nose but so scare its gonna go wrong again. I’d done so many research from U.S all the way to Korea, Thailand, Taiwan….. But I’m so glad that I had found VIP. 

Dr. Lee is an amazing doctor with an extraordinary skill, he listen to what i want for my nose and give me advices what i need to get done to make my face prettier. However, he never pushed me to do them. But you know, doctor knows best. I listened to him and got my nose revision with rid, zygoma, genioplasty

I’m extremely happy with my result, I don’t think I’ve never this happy in my whole life, Dr. Lee had changed my life, i feel like i have been reborn again….THANK YOU SO MUCH…… LOVE LOVE LOVE DR. LEE TO THE MOON AND BACK. 

Another person I would like to give my gratitude is Joahn. Joahn is super nice, caring and considerated lady, she had helped me so much and i couldn’t asked for more, love her in a million. And there’re Dr. Song, Chloe, Jean, and all VIP staffs, to thx for. 

During my 10 days in VIP, I really got treated like a “VIP” but at the same time I feel like home, because they treated me like a family with love and care…… VIP IS THE BEST CLINIC…. I HIGHLY RECOMMENDED….. matter of fact, I already brought my friends to VIP and they extremely happy with their results. I miss VIP so much. I’ll will come back to visit you guys again…..

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