Questions & Concerns before Plastic Surgery at VIP

1. How can I set up an appointment for consultation at VIP Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea?
 Please email us at or call us at +82-2-514-1007 and let us know your preferred date and time. 
2.  Is it painful to have the surgery? I’m worried and scared.
We have to say there is always some pain in every surgery and the patient should think over and make good decision before having the procedures. Dr. Lee of VIP international plastic surgery center in Seoul has his own experiences and skills to try his best to reduce such pain and complication.  
3. Is there anything I need to avoid before surgery at VIP?
Before your plastic surgery, you should avoid taking aspirin, vitatmin E, omega-3(fish oil), hormonal drugs, and any medication which doctor ask you to stop for two weeks prior to surgery. Smoking and drinking alcohol should be avoided for 2 weeks before the surgery. Moreover, abstaining from mentioned drugs and activities will grant faster recovery after your surgery at VIP.
4. Where should I stay during my visit in Korea?
There are a few options for your accommodation. If you wish to stay in a nice hotel, we could help you book at Marriott Hotel. Sunshine Hotel costs less but very close to VIP plastic surgery center. We also provide free accommodation for a week (or 2 weeks maximum) for our foreign patient, who undergoes major or multiple surgeries at VIP plastic surgery center.
5. Should I bring my medication to Korea?
If you have chronic disease, please bring your prescribed medication when you come to  Korea (such as for blood pressure, heart, seizure, thyroid, diabetes, or sleeping medicine, etc.) that could last during your stay.   
6. How do I book the surgery from overseas?
When you decide to have surgery in VIP international plastic surgery center Korea, check with us before confirming your flight tickets so we can arrange the schedule for you. Please send us your flight itinerary afterwards.   
7. After the surgery, do I get hospitalized?
If you are undergoing major surgery at VIP plastic surgery center in Seoul, you will be hospitalized in the clinic for 1-2 nights depending on your body condition after the surgery. After you get discharged from our clinic, you will be moved to your accommodation. 
8. What is VIP studio apartment like?
The studio apartment which VIP international cosmetic surgery center provides is equipped for patient’s convenience with bathroom, two beds, fridge, TV, free Wi-Fi, computer, microwave, air conditioner, heater, and etc. The apartment is located around 10 minutes from the clinic by walk.
9. How can I get to VIP Clinic by taxi?
If you are coming by taxi to VIP international plastic surgery center, please show the address below to the taxi driver. 
VIP 성형외과 강남구 신사동 592-1 번지로 가주세요. 감사합니다^^ 
전화 : 02-514-1007  
10. How do I get to VIP Plastic Surgery Center by subway?
The easiest way to get to VIP plastic surgery center would be by subway station. Stop at Apgujung Station Line 3 and come out from Exit #3. From Exit#3, go straight, passing by CGV and Nonghyup Bank buildings. For about 200m, you will see a charcoal colored building with big orange board written “VIP plastic surgery center.” 
Address : 592-1, Gangnam-gu, Sinsa-dong, Seoul, Korea Tel : 02-514-1007 
11. I want to share my experience at VIP. Where can I write it?
Please click here to write your honest review of VIP Plastic Surgery Center. 
For your time and effort, we would like to offer a complimentary facial on your next visit.
After writing your review, please email us at with your name, type of surgery you had, and your surgery date to schedule your complimentary skincare service & pick up free cosmetic gifts. 
 For more information, visit
Online consultation available at
VIP Plastic Surgery Center, Seoul Korea

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