Protruded Mouth Correction: An Alternative To Two Jaw Surgery

Protruded Mouth Correction: An Alternative To Two Jaw Surgery

At VIP, we approach Protruded Mouth correction very differently from other clinics. Whereas most clinics opt for a more invasive surgery: two jaw surgery, we offer a combination of surgeries. We combine rhinoplasty, mid-face augmentation and genioplasty (if needed) to balance the face. This results in a harmonious appearance.

Basics Of A Protruded Mouth

A protruded mouth is a mouth that sticks out from the face. This is usually caused by massive teeth and/or gum protrusion. There are generally 3 types of mouth protrusion:

  • The gum protrudes but the teeth are straight
  • Both the teeth and gum protrude
  • The upper and lower jaw bones are normal while the teeth protrude

Candidates For Protruded Mouth Correction

Ideal candidates for protruded mouth correction have:

  • Protruded teeth
  • Short chin with a protruded mouth
  • Long face and protruded mouth
  • Protruded mouth and look depressed, grumpy or pouty
  • Gummy smile

Our Approach To Protruded Mouth Correction

Traditionally, there are two ways to correct a protruded mouth; Anterior Segmental Osteotomy (ASO) or Two-Jaw Surgery. ASO is performed when teeth are straight and just the gum is protruding. In the cases of severely protruded mouth and a weak chin, Two Jaw Surgery is performed. It is a method to fix the protruded mouth and mid-face depression. In two jaw surgery, the doctor moves both the upper and lower jaw structures or reduces gum, which requires 4 teeth extraction.  The cons to this surgery are that it requires approximately 2 years of orthodontic treatment and there could be a loss of blood during surgery. One of the many side effects can also be sleep apnea.

We provide our patients with an effective solution as we combine three surgeries: mid-face augmentation, rhinoplasty, and genioplasty for those who have mouth protrusion, a weak chin, and a flat nose. Our method corrects a protruded mouth and also creates a harmonized face. In a traditional rhinoplasty, a doctor uses foreign implants like silicone, Goretex etc for the bridge and autologous cartilage (ear & nose) for the tip. It is impossible to fix small chin, mouth protrusion and mid-face retrusion with a traditional rhinoplasty.  Instead of the patient going through the rigors of two-jaw surgery, we offer an advanced technique that yields similar results.

How is this possible? We utilize rib cartilage which is natural material from the body that is safe and has a low infection rate. It serves as a strong support to improve a flat, sunken wide nose and protruded mouth. Rib cartilage is better than other autologous materials because it can rebuild an entire nose. As we place 2 to 3 pieces of rib cartilage in the nasolabial area for mid-face augmentation, it will help to improve the deep laugh lines and sunken mid-face.

Protruded Mouth Correction Recovery

Recovery time should be approximately 2 weeks, however, eating healthy and following the doctor’s guidance regarding post-operative instructions will help to yield a faster recovery.

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