Procedure to reverse aging of the hands

Procedure to reverse aging of the hands

Your hands are one of the most visible body parts that reveal your age and the life you had led. Thus, as much attention and care should be given to the hands as your face. In addition to engaging in routines that can nourish and soften your hands, there is VIP‘s hand graft procedure
Hand graft refers to transferring autologous fat to the fingers and hands to make them appear younger and more aesthetically pleasing. The procedure is as follows. A small amount of fat is taken from “hidden” parts of the body, such as inner thighs, abdomen, or flanks. With the use of a tiny cannula (specifically designed to avoid any damage to arteries and to minimize tissue disruption), fat is filtered and injected into the back of the hands.

Before & After (Hand graft procedure)

Regain youth in your hands, so that you can keep your age a secret and make you appear younger! 

VIP Cosmetic Surgery Center wishes for your youthful look!
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