Popular Cosmetic Surgeries in South Korea

South Korea is a leading country in Plastic Surgery.

Doctors here have advanced world top level skills and many people outside of the country visit us to get the best treatment.
Let’s peak into see what’s hot among Korean people.

1. Eyelid Surgery

Many people in Korea have ptosis. With ptosis eyes, they use their forehead muscle to open their eyes because there is no strength on the eyelid. To correct this problem, people usually goes through ptosis correction with double eyelid surgery. 
Also, older generation have problems with their sights with sunken skin on their eyelids. Removal of sunken skin is very common as well. 

2. Nose Surgery

Many Asian people have low, bulbous, and short nose. To give more definition on their facial impression, heightening the nose is commonly desired. 
For those people who have severe allergy or rhinitis, reconstruction of inner structure is also done with cosmetic improvement as well. 

3. Jaw Bone Reduction

In Korean culture, having a small jaw bone is considered to be beautiful compared to a wide angular jaw. There are two methods in jaw bone reduction – short cut and long cut. 

4. Facelift

Wrinkles are one of the biggest complaints that people usually face into as they get older. To give a young and fresh look, facelift is definitely the number one choice that people consider. 

5. Liposuction & Breast Augmentation

Having a good figure is everyone’s dream. Even with extensive work out sessions, there are some points where it cannot be reached by just working out. Liposuction and breast augmentation usually gives people an initiative to be confident to themselves and their bodies. 

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