[VIP Korea Review] Caucasian Deviated Septum Rhinoplasty Before & After Photo and Review

[VIP Korea Review] Caucasian Deviated Septum Rhinoplasty Before & After Photo and Review




I recently had a plastic surgery in Korea…


I recently had rhinoplasty surgery at VIP International Clinic in Apgujeong, and was overall very pleased with the experience and service.  My doctor fully understood what it was that I was looking for, and I am delighted with the final result and my nose shape.

I visited the hospital a total of three times before my surgery – once for a consultation with Doctor, once for a consultation with the clinic manager, and once to complete the health check necessary before my anesthesia. Whenever I had questions throughout the preparation process, I was also able to contact an English-speaking member of staff easily via WhatsApp. 

The day of the surgery went smoothly – I arrived at the hospital at approximately 10am, and was ready to leave by late afternoon. My (private) recovery room was clean and spacious, and there was always a nurse on hand if I needed something.

What impressed me the most about my experience with VIP International Clinic was the follow-up service. For four days post-surgery, I went into the clinic in the morning to have my bandages changed, and for a check-up, and complimentary skin care. I was also given a personal painkiller drip to take home, which helped relieve almost all discomfort the first few days.

I had my nose stuffing removed on the fourth day along with the cast, and my bandages removed on the sixth day. I suffered very little swelling and bruising, and was able to return to my normal routine within one week of surgery. I believe that my swift recovery time was partly thanks to the thorough post-care offered by the clinic, and the skill of my doctor.

One thing that surprised me a little about having plastic surgery in Korea is the speed at which the process is moved forward. At times it can seem a little rushed – however the staff at VIP International Clinic were always willing to listen whenever I asked. 

I had met with another American girl before my surgery, who had also had a rhinoplasty at VIP International Clinic. She was also very pleased with her result. I was a little nervous before my surgery about being a non-Korean and having plastic surgery in Korea (I know that surgery trends for Koreans are quite different from those elsewhere), however I am confident that my doctor has the experience and understanding to perform successful surgery on foreigners as well as Koreans. 

I would have no hesitation in recommending VIP International Clinic to someone searching for a reputable rhinoplasty hospital in Seoul.


We just received a rhinoplasty review from our customer who was concerned of her deviated septum (hump nose.) She had a septal deviation surgery and showed a fast recovery. She is very satisfied with her result and we are so happy to see her natural and sophisticated result!

If you would like to know more about the surgery, price, and schedule for the online consultation, please email us at vipps@vipps.kr or send messages via Whatsapp. +82-10-5059-6626


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