Plastic Surgery Consultation : 5 Tips To Prepare

Plastic Surgery Consultation : 5 Tips To Prepare

You’ve decided to go ahead and get that procedure you’ve always wanted. You’ve chosen a doctor and you can’t wait to go for your plastic surgery consultation. So what’s the next step? We recommend that in order for you to to get the best benefit from your consultation, there are certain things that you need to do. Here are  5 Tips you should do to prepare for your plastic surgery consultation.

Plastic Surgery Consultation: 5 Tips To Prepare

  • Research, Research, Research: Before you come into the clinic, make sure you do at least some basic research. This means that you should know the fundamentals of the procedure, what you can realistically expect from the procedure. By doing this, you will be able to ask more informed questions and you will get a better result from your consultation.
  • Compose Questions:  The best way to find out about your particular concerns is to make a list of questions. These can range from the doctor’s background, his approach to your surgery to his experience with this surgery. You want to maximize your time with the doctor and get the best experience possible.

Here is a list of general questions to get you started:

What makes an Ideal Candidate? Do I qualify?

What is the recovery from this surgery? What post operation services are provided?

What do I need to do before the surgery for the preparation?

Is your facility accredited?

What is your recommendation from a specialist’s point of view?

Do you have before/after pictures of patients who look like me who have the same procedure?

Is my surgeon board certified plastic surgeon?

Do you have an anesthesiologist on staff? What is their background?



  • Be Open and Receptive: At the consultation, even though you may have done research and you think you know what you want, make sure you are open to what the doctor tells you. He may recommend another procedure entirely. One he thinks is better suited for you. Remember that the doctor is the expert who has had many years of education and experience so it is important to listen to his opinion. One of the most important things to ensure a successful plastic surgery is the connection between the plastic surgeon and the patient. Together, the doctor and you will decide what the best decision is for you so trust is essential.
  • Know Your Goals Make sure you know what you hope to accomplish from your plastic surgery procedure.  Bringing pictures to the consultation is a good way to show the doctor what you want but bringing too many pictures can be too overwhelming for both you and the doctor.
  • Listen And Observe: When you go to your consultation, you should observe your surroundings. How does the staff treat you? How do you feel? Does the doctor listen to your questions and concerns? Do you feel confident with his skill and that he understands your goals?

Choosing the best plastic surgeon for you is not an easy choice but having a great consultation will help you with this decision. Contact us to book your plastic surgery consultation


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