Planning your plastic surgery trip to Korea

How to plan your plastic surgery trip to Korea

Planning a trip to Korea is definitely not an easy thing.
If you are thinking of coming to Korea for plastic surgery, follow these steps to plan your trip! 

01. Consultation

When requesting online consultation, please email us your clear pictures of front and side view. After our doctors take a look at your photos, they will give you a thorough consultation. Please email or call us if you have any questions or concerns at or +82-2-514-1007.

02. Make a Decision

After consulting with us, please decide which procedures you would like to go through. (Because of the limitation of the pictures, there might be some changes on your surgery when our doctors see you in person.)

03. Schedule Your Surgery

Please contact us to schedule your surgery.

04. Apply for Visa (if needed)

Please check if you need to get a Korean visa. Depending on the passport you hold, you might / might not have to get a visa. Usually visa process takes about 10-14 business days.

05. Purchase your flight ticket

Check how long you need to stay in Korea for surgery and dressing with the clinic. Length of your stay depends on the type of surgery you get. The airport name in Seoul is Incheon International Airport (ICN).

06. Tell us your Flight Information

After you book your flight ticket, please let us know your flight information.

07. Confirm before you come

Please give us a call or email us before you depart your country.

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