Office Beauty Tips At Work

We all get tired from 8 hours of sitting down in the office.
We tend to cross our legs, slouch our backs, put hands on chin, and munch unnecessary snacks.
So, VIP would like to share our some beauty tips we can still look lively and keep up our freshness.

“Straighten your back and frequently stretch”

A lot of times, we sit down and work on our computers. Having still pose in the chair can cause bad blood circulation and eventually adds fat in certain areas. We could also have turtle necks and have bad skin. Stop holding your chins with your hands and straighten your back.
Whenever we have time, let’s stand up and stretch a little bit! Or, at least stretch your neck and shoulder every hour.
This will relax your muscles and help blood circulation.

“Drink water and use facial mist”

Worst thing that ruins our skin in the office is the dryness from heater.
It is a closed space with heated computers, so our skin easily gets dehydrated.
Not only drink 8 glasses of water, but also spray facial mist to keep your moisturizing skin.

“Do not touch your face”

Since office has many shared items with other people, it’s not a good idea to touch your face.
It’s easier to get pimples because the office is dry from heater/AC and has bacteria from shared tools.
Use alcohol pads to clean your keyboard, desk, and mouse everyday.

“Drink water/tea instead of coffee and eat healthy snacks”

After the hard work, we are so ready to eat snacks and coffee.
However, unnecessary saturated fats and caffeine could cause pimples in your skin.
Try to drink tea or water instead of coffee and eat fruits or granola bar instead of chocolate or chips.
You would be satisfied after eating healthier snacks!

“Put humidifier or plants next to your desk”

Small plant can make your mood happier and filters out bad air into fresh air.
If you feel very dry during winter time, put humidifier next to your desk.
Make sure to clean out to prevent any fungus or bacteria!

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