V-line Face: 4 Non-Invasive Ways To Get a V-Line

V-line Face: 4 Non-Invasive Ways To Get a V-Line

Koreans view a v-line face as one of the most coveted beauty traits. They believe that having a v-line face with a smooth jawline is a sign of youth and vitality. Consequently, v-line surgery happens to be extremely popular in Korea although it can be quite complex. In this procedure, the doctor removes bone from both sides of the jaw and the center of the jaw and anchors it with pins. This slims the chin and jawline into a narrow v-shape. Recovery can take almost 2 months.

However, many prefer not to go through an invasive facial contouring procedure because the recovery can be difficult. In addition, there can be some side effects if it is not performed by a skilled surgeon.  As a result, there are now popular alternatives to get similar results. Here are 4 Non-invasive ways to get a v-line face shape that you can get at our clinic.

4 Non-Invasive Procedures To Get A V-line Face

HIFU Lifting Laser

HIFU is a  non-invasive ultrasound treatment. This laser is very effective because it has the ability to work in the deep layers of the skin without disturbing the outer layer. The skin responds to this laser by renewing collage and creation of new collagen. This results in tightening of the skin and the creation of a v-line shape for the face.  Complete results are not seen at once but gradually over a 3 month period.

Lipolysis Laser

Another way of creating a V-line face is through laser-assisted lipolysis.  A lipolysis laser is used to heat the two layers of the skin; dermis and sub-dermis. This heat leads to tightening of the skin and the removal of fat tissue.  The great thing about this procedure is there is very little downtime and the patient can go back to their daily routine in a short while. This is a surgical laser and will need iv sedation while the recovery is minimal. Please note that fat under the muscle cannot be removed with lipolysis laser. Lipolysis laser will melt & remove fat cells on top of the muscle layer.

Skin Botox Injection

For those who are looking for an overall lifting effect of the skin, skin botox injection is recommended. This can be combined with HIFU lifting laser to maximize the effect. The doctor will inject botox solution into the shallower layer of the skin.

Jaw Botox 

Botox is normally used to relax the muscles in the face. In regards to a v-line shape, a doctor will inject Botox in the jaw muscles. This will relax the jaw muscles and will make the face lifted and tightened. The result of this procedure can be seen after 5 days when the facial skin is smoother and the new V-shape forms.


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