Most commonly asked questions on Fat Graft

Here are some frequently asked questions by patients before undergoing the Facial Fat Grafting.
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1. Will I need several procedures for facial fat grafting? 
Unlike the previous method where you needed 2-3 times of fat grafting, our doctors harvest the fat tissues with minimum damage. Also, the harvested fat is purified and injected into various layers and areas where it is needed for the longer lasting result. Remember, satisfying result is dependent on proper technique. However, please take note that there is high absorbency rate on the areas where much facial muscles are used, such as around mouth, lips, and nasolabial folds (laugh lines).

2. Is it true that the grafted fat will be gone when I lose excessive weight?
Yes. Excessive dieting is not only harmful to your body but it can also be the cause of the grafted fat to be absorbed. It is always important to follow a healthy diet.

3. How long does swelling take to subside? 
Immediate swelling will go down within 2-3 weeks and rest of the swelling will slowly subside as time goes by within 4-6 weeks after the surgery.

4. Will the fat sag down later on? 
The fat can be absorbed a bit, but it does not sag down your skin.

5. What is the percentage of the surviving fat? 
This depends on each patient’s condition, but about 40-60% of fat will survive giving semi-permanent result after the surgery.

6. Where will be fat taken out from? 
The fat tissues will be carefully harvested from either abdomen or thigh area.

7. What kind of anesthesia is used for facial fat grafting? 
IV Sedation will be done and the patient will not feel pain as he/she is under a sleep.

8. Is facial fat grafting a simple surgery? 
Yes, the downtime is about 1-2 weeks. Although it is a simple surgery, it is always important to find the right doctor for the effective result.

9. Is it normal to have bruising and swelling? 

Yes, there will be some bruising and swelling after the surgery. This is very normal symptoms after the surgery, so you do not have to worry. The swelling tends to get worse usually on the 3rd day and will subsided slowly after the 3rd-4th day. 

10.  What is Fat Graft?
Fat graft is the safest, most natural and semi-permanent way of giving some volume to the face. After your procedure in VIP international plastic surgery center, the swelling will go down by 1-2 weeks and 40-60% of fat injected will be absorbed. The remaining fat will stay very long time and the result looks very natural.  

11.  What is the difference between Filler and Fat graft?
Filler doesn’t last long and need regular injection to keep up, while fat graft is semipermanant and has very low chance of getting infection since it’s autologous.

12. Fat Graft – Does the harvested area painful?
There will be slight bruising and sore around where the fat was suctioned out, but the symptom will gradually get better after few days.    

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