Male Rhinoplasty

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Male Rhinoplasty
Unlike female nose, male nose should form a straighter and wider nose bridge. Female nose on the other hand have narrower and curved nose.

Ideal nose shape of a male

Ideal nose shape of a female
Characteristics of ideal male nose 

1. Tip is slightly more bulbous compared to female’s 
2. Straighter
3. Nasal tip is less elevated
4. Nasolabial angle is around 90 degree
5. Nostrils are less visible

    Types of Male Rhinoplasty

    1. Deformation of nose due to accident
    2. Congenitally crooked nose
    3. Undeveloped nose due to accident
    4. Bent and stuffy nose due to nasal septal deviation
    5. Wide alar base
    6. Wide and big nostrils 
    7. Weak and upturned nose
    8. Feminine nose shape after the surgery without any charismatic attraction
    9. Dissatisfaction of the nose after deviated septal correction surgery 

    VIP Male Rhinoplasty Before and After Pictures

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