Limitations of traditional nose job & solution

Limitations of traditional rhinoplasty & solution: 
VIP Harmony rhinoplasty.

The general rhinoplasty was known as using foreign implants like silicone for the bridge and ear/septal cartilage for the nasal tip area.
Most of the patients and even the surgeons understand the general term rhinoplasty as inserting a foreign implant to the dorsal area for the elevation of a flat nose.

However, this method of rhinoplasty cannot possibly fix the mid-face retrusion and protruded mouth.
 Also, the final result cannot be naturally balanced with the entire face. 
The old rhinoplasty method has a number of complications.
There are limitations to fixing the mid-face retrusion, mouth protrusion, small chin and prominent cheekbone.

VIP suggests a new advanced technique known as the Harmony Rhinoplasty, concerning the full facial balance by artistic rhinoplasty. 
This method will correct the mouth protrusion and achieve a well-balanced nose, mouth and chin, and also make big cheekbone appear smaller..

Harmony Rhinoplasty is the method of using rib cartilage to make a flat and sunken nose structure / retracted columella into a three-dimensional mid-face as it is strong enough to support with a sufficient amount of cartilage.
Autologous tissues have very low rate of leading to infections than any other foreign materials.

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