Korean Winter Skincare Tip: 3-second Facial Oil Technique

As winter has arrived, our skin changed dramatically from hot summer to freezing and dry winter.

Not only Koreans start to buy heavy winter jacket, but also prepare a new winter skincare.

Skin condition always changes and it is important to adjust the items appropriately.

Spray a facial mist right after you take shower. We all know we must moisturize our skin all the time. 
But did you know that taking shower extremely dehydrates your skin? Taking shower does help open pores of our skin and cleanse but the longer you take shower, the drier your face will be. Dehydration is the #1 fact we must avoid to protect our skin.  
Korean famous actress Kim Nam-Ju puts facial oil right after she takes shower to prevent any dehydration. This is called 3 seconds oil hydration technique. Kim Nam-Ju specifically uses oil because the texture of the oil helps keep water molecules in the skin and you can massage the best. She does not allow any dehydration that is longer than 3 seconds. 
You don’t have to use oil if you think your skin is too oily. It could be a water based mist or lotion. But using oil will keep your skin moisturized the longest. Put any kind of item in the bathroom and use to prevent dehydration.

Facial oil recommendation

1) Darphin facial oil (7 types) ($70-$150)

Darphin is a highly trusted French brand in Korea. They have 7 different kinds of natural aromatic facial oil based on different skin types using aroma such as chamomile, rose, jasmine, niaouli, tangerine, and orange blossom.

Chamomile, rose, and orange blossom are three popular ones in Korea.

2) Aesop facial oil ($57-$75)

Aesop is a plant-based brand from Australia. Their aromatic scent is very relaxing. Their amber colored packaging with simple design and absolutely fine quality attract many customers in Korea. They have three different types of oil according to skin types as well. 

Damascan Rose oil (dry), Parseley Anti-oxidant oil (all skin types), fabulous face oil (dull, congested skin).

3) Bobbi Brown face oil ($65)

This is a very light-weighted oil that contains sweet almond, olive, jojoba, and sesame. It has the simplest ingredients among all three oils here. Aromatic oil could dramatically enhance the skin quality, but some sensitive skin might experience allergic reaction to certain aromatic ingredients.
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